Installation (Full setup)

  • Install Node.js (LTS Version): nvm install --lts

  • Fix security problems: npm audit fix

  • Change to reveal.js directory

  • Install via npm: npm install

  • run on port 8000: npm start

  • tun on other port: npm start -- --port=8001

Using external Markdown file

Place this as a section block. This needs reveal.js to run in a Node.js server. A local file is not sufficient.

<section data-markdown=""
        Note that Windows uses `\r\n` instead of `\n` as its linefeed character.
        For a regex that supports all operating systems, use `\r?\n` instead of `\n`.

Keyboard Shortcuts

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  • , L: Navigate right

  • , K: Navigate up

  • , J: Navigate down

  • Home: First slide

  • End: Last slide

  • B, .: Pause (Blackout)

  • F: Fullscreen

  • ESC, O: Slide overview / Escape from full-screen

  • S: Speaker notes view

  • ?: Show keyboard shortcuts

  • alt + click: Zoom in. Repeat to zoom back out.