Duply with Windows#


  • install cygwin: https://cygwin.com/

  • first just install base packages

  • install the following additional packages (by just starting setup-x86_64.exe again):

    • python3

    • python36-pip

    • python3-devel

    • gcc-core

    • librsync-devel

    • gnupg2

    • nano

  • update binutils to newest (test) version (2.31.1-1)

  • update pip (optional): pip3 install --upgrade pip

  • install duplicity: pip3 install duplicity

  • create bin dir: mkdir bin

  • change to that dir: cd bin

  • create link to gpg2: ln -s /usr/bin/gpg2.exe gpg.exe

  • download duply: https://duply.net/

  • unpack duply

  • copy duply script to bin dir: cp /cygdrive/c/Users/<your_username>/Downloads/<duply_dir>/duply .

  • change back to home dir cd

Configuration of .bashrc#

  • edit .bashrc: nano .bashrc

  • add export PATH=/home/<your_username>/bin:$PATH

  • switch language to english (optional): export LANG='en_US.UTF-8'

  • add ulimit -n 1024

Check Installation and configuration#

The following commands should execute without error or warning:

  • duplicity --version

  • duply --version

  • gpg --version

Generate GPG Key#

  • run gpg --full-gen-key

  • select default values but 4096 Bit

  • select a password for the key

  • copy the public key id to somewhere else for later use - it is a sring like 7A6E4278E2CAF3FA16240DADC94F3BEAB276F92D

Configure Duply#

  • create a profile: duply <profile_name> create

  • edit config: nano .duply/<profile_name>/conf

    • enter your gpg public key it to GPG_KEY

    • enter the password to GPG_PW

    • enter the TARGET like a cloud space or something else

    • for SOURCE just enter / - details will be configured in an other file later

    • remove comment infront of GPG_OPTS and write GPG_OPTS='--pinentry-mode loopback'

  • edit exclude file: nano .duply/<profile_name>/exclude

This is how you can add your Cygwin home folder and your Windows pictures folder to backup and ignore evenrything else - **

+ /home/<your_username>
+ /cygdrive/c/Users/<your_username>/Pictures
- **

Edit gpg-agent.conf#

  • edit gpg-agent.conf: nano .gnupg/gpg-agent.conf

  • add this line: allow-loopback-pinentry

Using Backblaze#

  • install client: pip3 install b2sdk

  • use this as TARGET: b2://[keyID]:[application key]@[B2 bucket name]

Start Backup#

  • start the first backup: duply test backup