Config File

Default Config

The default config looks like this

Host <hostname> <ip>
   HostName <ip>
   User <username>
   IdentitiesOnly yes
   IdentityFile ~/.ssh/<sec_key_filename>

Using a Jump Server

If you have a jump server <jump_server_hostname> write a normal config for both servers and add this to the config of the target server: ProxyJump <jump_server_hostname>

If you also want to connect through an HTTP proxy add the proxy config lines to the config of the jump server.

Connect through HTTP proxy

For Linux add this:

   ProxyCommand nc -X connect -x <proxy_ip>:<proxy_port> %h %p
   ForwardAgent yes

For Windows (git bash) add this:

   ProxyCommand connect -H <proxy_ip>:<proxy_port> %h %p
   ForwardAgent yes

SSH Tunnel

Last modified November 30, 2022: fix ssh doc (b80e0bb)